Dermalogica's Sebum Clearing Masque is a cooling, refining and deepcleaning Kaolin and Bentonite clay masque that purifies, absorbs excess surface oil and helps prevent breakouts.

Sebum Clearing Masque

  • Imparts a cooling sensation on skin that helps sooth aggravation brought on by breakouts.
    Addresses and controls the four factors that contribute to acne: overactive sebaceous glands, cell accumulation, bacteria and inflammation.
    Absorbs excess oil and refines skin texture.
    Helps purify skin while strengthening the follicle membrane wall to help control inflammation associated with follicle eruptions.

  • Apply a smooth layer of Dermalogica's Sebum Clearing Masque to cleansed face and throat (avoiding the eye area) unto 3 times per week. May also be used exclusively on the T-zone. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Follow with Dermalogica's Skin Purifying Wipes, Oil Control Lotion and Dermalogica prescribed MediBac Clearing™ regimen.