Gently but effectively remove impurities with ClinicCare Concentrated Cleansing Foam.

ClinicCare's concentrated cleansing foam is packed with moisturising and collagen-boosting ingredients alongside gentle cleansing agents, this light foam successfully removes surface impurities, excess sebum and make-up from the skin without disrupting the epidermal barrier.

Suitable for all skin types, massage into damp skin twice a day for best results.

ClinicCare Concentrated Cleansing Foam 100ml

    •         Myristic Acid - cleansing agent, provides moisture, links proteins that form the skin's outer layer
    •         Lauric Acid - cleansing agent, anti-viral and anti-microbial properties
    •         Stearic Acid - cleansing agent, for the skin's flexibility and moisture retention
    •         Beta Glucan 1% - stimulation of collagen synthesis, anti-irritant, skin soothing
    •         Lecithin 1% - softening and soothing agent, with powerful moisturizing properties
    •         Panax Ginseng Extract 1% - maintains skin's elasticity, vitality and regeneration capacity.
  • Dispense a small amount (1cm diameter) into damp wet hands, foam up and cleanser over the face, rinse off with warm water.