Ultrasonic Cleansing Brush.

Are you ready to power-up your skin care routine with the limited-edition

Ultimate Cleansing Brush. 

The vibrating soft silicone brushes can be used with your favourite cleanser or exfoliant to give you the deepest cleanse, getting rid of any dirt, oil and impurities that can plague your complexion.

This limited edition free gift worth £25.00 can be yours with a minimum spend of £85.00 


Spend £100 and receive 3 mini dermalogica products as well as the ultrasonic cleansing brush 

Limited to one gift per customer. Available while stocks last. Colour sent will be chosen at random. Usb cable included in box. 

New additions to the Dermalogica range.

Retinol clearing oil

A high performing night time oil

Active Clay Cleanser delivering 30% more cleansing power

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY… grab these perfect pairing bundles for an extra special price. 

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